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 Jakarta Tourist Guide:
Ancol Dreamland or locally known as Taman Impian Jaya Ancol - an Integrated Tourism Complex in Jakarta, Indonesia. It offers various rides and shows at its different recreation arenas.

a dolphin show / ocean attraction at ancol 
dreamland integrated recreation complex in Jakarta - Indonesia.
Pic By Rosiaziz10 CC BY-SA 4.0

Ancol Dreamland / Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is in North Jakarta - Indonesia. Located on Jakarta waterfront, Ancol Dreamland is usually crowded with tourists during weekends and especially when public holidays come.

So what can tourists do or see at ancol huge recreation complex?

  1. Festival Beach - while breathing fresh air, here you can enjoy the beautiful seascape and you can also rent a boat to enjoy more of the sea near ancol beach.
  2. Carnaval Beach - Carnaval Beach Ancol is the large beach area which can accomodate more than six thousand visitors and is the place where certain festive occasions such as music concerts, kites festivals, Independence Day Celebrations, Eid al-Fitr-related Festivals, etc are held.
  3. Ocean Dream Samudera - better known as "Gelanggang Samudera Ancol" is an oceanarium and is among the most favourite recreation arenas for children where they can see some sea animal shows.
  4. Atlantis Water Adventure - like swimming or challenging water activities? Here is the place. Ancol integrated recreational complex offer water adventure at its Kiddy 1 / Kiddy 2 pools, Dragon Race, Crazy "The highest & longest slide", Water outbound, Skybox, and Rainbow splash.
  5. Sea World Ancol - in this arena you will find over eleven thousand marine biotas and more than seven thousand freshwater biotas placed in more than twenty five aquariums and four open pools.
  6. Allianz Ecopark - Allianz Ecopark offers Educational Entertainment and Adventure at the same place. This arena is divided into four zones being Eco Care, Eco Nature, Eco Art, and Eco Energy.
  7. Faunaland - I would say that Faunaland is a small zoo in ancol integrated tourist area. According to ancol.com, it is built on about 5 hectares of combined land and water areas. It is obviously small when compared to Ragunan Zoo in South Jakarta which is built on not less than 147 hectares of land.
  8. Dunia Fantasi abbreviated Dufan / Fantasy World Ancol - My two favourite rides at this arena are Arung Jeram Water Ride and Halilintar Thrill Ride. Other rides offered include Ice Age Water Ride, Tornado Thrill Ride, The Slanting House Family Ride, and many others.
  9. Gondola - this sky-lift car service is a perfect choice if you want to see ancol areas and its seascape from the height. Length of the sky-lift lane is about 1.2 km or in other words you will have a total of less than 2.5km journey for each sky-lift car ride till you return to the same terminus as you board.
  10. Pasar Seni / Ancol Art Market - here you can buy various artistic creations as souvenirs.

Public transport to/from Ancol Dreamland:

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